Q & A

Q: Can I buy Paro? How can I buy Paro?
A: In the North America, Paro Robots US, Inc. accept orders of Paro.

In Japan, Intelligent System Co., Ltd. accept orders of Paro.

As for other regions, please contact with Paro Information Center,
Intelligent System Co., Ltd.
Paro Information Center
Intelligent System Co., Ltd.
Tel Free: 0120-86-1842 (in Japan)
Phone: +81-763-62-8686
FAX: +81-763-62-8600
E-mail: info@paro.jp
Office hour: 10:00am - 5:00pm
(except Saturday, Sunday, Holidays, and during the year-end and New Year holidays)
Q: How did Paro get its name?
A: There are three reasons.
(1) Paro comes from Personal Robot
(2) "Pa", an explosive sound that is easy to remember
Q: Please tell me about Paro and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology?
A: Please visit the following URLs
(1)  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
(2)  Intelligent System Research Institute of AIST
(3)  AIST today vol.3 No.6
Robot technology of AIST - Robots living with human beings, evolving intelligent system technology - (PDFfile: 1.3MB)
Q: How many Paro are there?
A: More than 1,000 Paros have been in use in Japan. As Paro is made by hand, it is difficult to produce a lot of Paro at the same time. All Paros have different faces. Even the Paros on the market, each has its own unique face, just like real animals.
Q: Do all Paro have the same name?
A: Paro can recognize sound and Paro also has a learning function for sound. When you call Paro with a new name many times, Paro will start to respond to the new name. Three Paro currently in use at the nursing home are called "Maro-chan", "Maru-chan", and "Hana-chan" and many elderly people love all three Paro.
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