Comparison of Paro's evaluation

We conducted surveys most time Paro was exhibited in Japan and other countries.
(1)  Japan: July and August, 2004 (Paro was Japanese version)
(2)  UK: Jan-Mar, 2002 Gateway to the Future, National Science Museum: (Paro was Japanese version)
(3)  Sweden: May and June, 2003, Robot Exhibition, National Science and Technology Museum: (Paro was English version)
(4)  Italy: June, 2003 Japan Cultural Institute in Rome: (Paro was English version)
(5)  Korea: October, 2003 International Robot Competition: (Paro was English version)
(6)  Brunei: February and March, 2004 Brunei International Market: (Paro was English version)
The survey questionnaire has two parts: one for individual information, one for reactions to Paro.
Results: Paro was rated highly regardless of the nationality, culture, and religion of survey participants.
Other results:
(a)  The group of people who are under 20 years old and over 50 years old had higher scores than those who are between 20 years old and 50 years old.
(b)  Women had higher scores than men
(c)  Those who like animals had higher scores than those who do not like animals.
(d)  Appearance and touch is very important
(e)  Users tend to speak to Paro if Paro recognizes the everyday words they use.
These results show that Paro can be used for Robot Therapy not only in Japan, but also in other counties.
Comparison of Paro's evaluation