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(2006.04.) Paro on Swedish Education TV (SVT 1)

(2006.04.) Paro at Chubu Int’l Airport, Japan (for six months)

(2006.04.) Paro at Museum of Work, Norrkoping, Sweden (for one year)

(2006.04.) Paro and Prof. Sherry Turkle, MIT, at The Boston Globe, “Elders finding love in a household machine - Seemingly sentient robots can fill void, researchers say”

(2006.04.) Paro at Kansai Int’l Airport, Japan (for six months)

(2006.03.) Paro at Terminal 1, Narita Int’l Airport, Japan (for six months)

(2006.03.) Paro on ZDF, German TV (article and video)

(2006.03.) Paro on IFA (Int’l Federation on Ageing) news, “Meet Japan 2006″

(2006.02.) Paro Found to Improve Brain Function in Patients with Cognition Disorders

(2006.01.) Paro on IEEE Spectrum online The Hits of Tokyo Robot Week By: Aleksandar Lazinica Highlights from last month’s big robotics exhibition in Japan (You can find technical papars on Paro in the special issue on “Human Interactive Robots for Pscychological Enrichment,” Proc. of the IEEE, Vol. 92, No. 11, Nov. 2004)

(2005.09.) Paro on Aging Advances, AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), “Paro, the Robotic Seal Pup Soothes Seniors”

(2005.07.) Paro on Forbes Special Report: Graying Global Cities, Nanto City, Japan: Robotic Companions

(2005.05.) Paro for Individuals in Japan

(2005.04.) Paro Homepage in English online

(2005.04.) Paro on BBC online

(2005.03.) Paro on Washington Post

(2004.11.) Best Technical Exhibition Award, IEEE TExCRA 2004

(2004.09.) Paro for Elderly Institutions in Japan

(2004.07.) Paro Homepage online

(2003.11.) Paro on CNN (Best of COMDEX)