Awards and Records

For Paro and inventor Dr.Takanori Shibata

1992 The youngest PhD in Electro-Mechanical Engineering
(25 years old in Japan)
1995 Fuzzy Robot Award, IEEE ⁄ IFSA
1996 Toyama Award, Toyama Future Foundation
2002 The most therapeutic robot, Guinness World Records
2002 Good Design Award, by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization
2002 Excellent Presentation Award, SCIS&ISIS
2002 Best Exhibition Award, SCIS&ISIS
2003 Achievement Award, AROB
2003 Robot Exhibition Award, Swedish Museum of Science and Technology
2003 Prime Minister’s Prize, Japan Junior Chamber
2003 Grand-prix of The Outstanding Young Parson Award, Japan Junior Chamber
2003 TOYP Chairman’s Prize, Japan Junior Chamber
2003 Human beings-power Award, Japan Junior Chamber
2003 Best of COMDEX finalist, PC Magazine
2004 The Best Technical Exhibition Award, IEEE RAS TExCRA 2004
2004 The Outstanding Young Parson of the World, Junior Chamber International